Playin’ Dress-Up in the Kitchen

"Sassy Black" Flirty Apron

"Frosted Cupcake" Flirty Apron


I’ve never the type of person to wear an apron when I cook. Heck, I usually I throw on a pair of yoga shorts and my favorite comfy top (a black off the shoulder sweatshirt because Yes, I’m OBSESSED with the 80′s) and get right to the good stuff. After all, flour stains and spilled almond milk never hurt anyone!

But recently, things changed.

I was going through some important e-mails before work one morning, and by “important” e-mails I really mean the 50+ e-mails I get from deal and coupon websites, (what can I say, I love saving $$$!) when I came across a 50% off Groupon for “Flirty Aprons.” For fifteen bucks I could get a super adorable (dare I say SEXY) little apron in some fabulous designs and colors. From sweet, pastel cupcake prints to styles reminiscent of a little black dress, one thing was for certain. I immediately loved and HAD to have them.

So, naturally, I decided to purchase TWO Groupons for two DIFFERENT aprons (I selected “Sassy Black” and “Frosted Cupcake”). I’m a girl after all, and can never make up my mind :) .

When the aprons finally arrived, I tore open the package, tried them on, and hurriedly stashed them away before the boyfriend could question me (“Two aprons Ashley…really?”). Okay, I will admit, the original plan was to buy two aprons, keep one for myself, and then give the other as a gift (best friend if you’re reading this… SORRY!), but the fashion-loving side to Ashley took over as soon as the aprons were delivered. And now, I am the proud owner of both delightfully stylish pieces of kitchen-ista apparel!

I couldn’t wait to get in the kitchen and unveil my renewed cooking skills once I whipped up a recipe with one of these babies on!  I felt so culinarily inspired! Still, I kept the aprons hanging in my closet until a Sunday afternoon when the boyfriend was busy watching baseball. Excited to unveil my inner Martha Stewart, Bree Van de Camp, or  Giada De Laurentiis, I selected my LBD-inspired apron, threw up my hair, and got cookin’.

Suddenly…I felt like a kitchen goddess! So sexy and glamorous in my Flirty Apron! A little bit of this, a little bit of that– look at me I’m such a polished chef!

Then, as I was on my tip-toes trying to reach my measuring cups in the far-too-tall-for my-5’2″-frame cabinets at my apartment, I had a revelation. I went into my closet, tossed off my slippers and  whipped on a pair of, what else, but black, sparkly stilettos that I had just purchased from Bakers (on sale!) earlier that day. Why had I never thought of this before!? Not only did I feel oh so sassy, lovely, and pretty… but I could finally reach all those high cabinets myself instead of calling for the boyfriend to help. Score.

Moral of the story? You’ve GOT to check out Flirty Aprons! I promise, you’ll fall in love with the whole fancy factor you’ll have going on in the kitchen, and all without looking like a crazy Stepford wife.

Oh, and before I forget. If you have a sports-crazed man in the house like me…even HE will take notice and appreciate the wardrobe upgrade no matter WHAT game is on. Promise ;) .


Fabulously yours,

Ashley Michelle


P.S– Since writing this post I have ordered a THIRD Flirty Apron that’s even trendier and spicier than the others! Since they are such a great price even without using a Groupon, I just couldn’t help myself. You can see a picture of it here. I find the name most fitting, Don’t you :) ? I will be ordering some more in the near future too, seeing as I have a whole bunch of summer birthdays to buy presents for. These aprons sure make a fantastically unique gift!

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